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Outduction: Enhancing the final year experience


Welcome to Outduction

2009 - 2011

Outduction was a collaborative project between Kingston University London and University of Bradford. It was funded by the HE Academy's National Teaching Fellowship Scheme and aimed to improve our understanding of the experience of students in their final year of undergraduate study. It drew to a conclusion with two major dissemination events (follow the links for full details and presentations):

Outduction domains.The project addressed the issues of student autonomy in study and also the preparation of students to engage with conceptual life planning. It suggested that the notion of 'transfer' and transitions is helpful to examining how finalists experience their last year at university. It also initiated a number of research-informed development projects within four faculties/schools across the two institutions. Each addressed aspects of the final year experience.  This intra and inter-institutional activity was complemented by the development of case studies gathered from across the sector. It engaged directly with students from both institutions as well as alumni and employers. A key feature of the project was the establishment of "student internships" to conduct some of the investigations. This role in itself was scrutinised and evaluated.

An "Outer Circle" was established to disseminate findings and examples of good practice and also to support the project in developing ideas for further research and evaluation. There was also opportunities for national and international dissemination.



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